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Kazoku: Haha to Shimai no Kyousei episode 2

What are you looking at …? …… It’s not good to see the daughters with such eyes …. Otoha’s
mother-in-law, Otoha, who is too beautiful for Itsuki who was looking at the two ass in the living room,
please comfort her , Otoha
‘s The angry glares after tasting the faintly ripe savory meat.
Otoha, who is hateful but overwhelmed by her presence, tells herself an excuse for self-sacrifice for her daughters and crouches before that … but it’s not just a humiliation … It was
Otoha who couldn’t think that he would be exposed to that much XX
… A son stick buried in the female hole of Otoha held right above Kinji who drinks alcohol and sleeps soundly.
Despite her dislike, her squirting love juice falls on her husband’s face …
this is the idea … Otoha
, who gives instructions to her subordinates with her tight face.
She is a career woman dressed in a crisp suit and longs for a female employee.
Under the desk, her longing boss was desperately treating her son’s stick, which was stiff and stiff, with his legs wrapped in stockings extending from a raised skirt …