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Kimi ga Suki The Animation episode 1

“Summer and Jun”
The last summer vacation for students.
She invites her boyfriend (Jun) to her fireworks display because she (summer) looks good from her room.
She made a big decision.
And on that day, Jun, who was surprised at the power of the fireworks seen from her summer room, casually looked at her.
is fascinated by the profile of summer when she shines in the fireworks, as if the time had stopped.
I noticed a word in the summer when I noticed Jun’s line of sight.
“Today … my parents … I’m not coming back …

On the day of the announcement of the passing of the university entrance exam.
Hanana, who was accepted to her long-cherished university, is a promise from her year ago.
She is angry and boldly presses for sex with Kay’s words, which she forgot her promise to have sex if she passed.