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Kimi ga Suki The Animation episode 2

“Love your virgin”
Today is her decision to abandon her virginity, and she (Mizuki) heads to her boyfriend’s (Kento)’s room with enthusiasm.
However, her plan failed, and Mizuki was screaming in her chest toward the setting sun on the bank.
There, “Ah … yes … it was … …” When
I turned around, I saw Kento.
In a hurry, Mizuki falls, and she is taken care of again in Kento’s room.
In the awkward air, Mizuki decides and hugs.
“If I go home like this … I’m angry …”

“I love You.”
Christmas day.
She (Akane) watching the idol’s Christmas live in her boyfriend’s room.
The two people who are excited and flirting play with each other …
She has to say “I like it” ♪
The lyrics of the song that flows from the screen suddenly remind me that I have never heard “I like it” from Icchan’s mouth, and it rots unfaithfully …
She is shy but firmly conveys her feelings in words.
And the two overlap their bodies. Make a promise to be raw someday.

“Will you marry me?”
And eight years later …