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Kyonyuu Kazoku Saimin episode 1

Preparatory school student Yuichi Mamiya’s father suddenly remarried!
There are three new families … Mifuyu, a mother who gives off a mature adult scent, Natsuki, the eldest daughter with big breasts in a gal, and Akiba, the second daughter with big breasts, though it is sober.
The sexual desire for such three mothers and daughters can no longer be suppressed …

One day, Yuichi gets a mysterious penlight that puts the other party in a XX state just by showing the light!
First of all, her mother-in-law, Mifuyu, will be used as a penlight experiment table to perform unusual and nasty acts.
And my sister-in-law Natsuki and Akiba also open their bodies to Yuichi with the XX effect.

In order to become a true family with Mifuyu and others, Yuichi repeats the days of interacting with his mother and daughter in a XX state.
Yuichi and his mother and daughter are more closely connected in pleasure …