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Maple Colors episode 1

The school festival is over and winter vacation will start tomorrow.
Mirai and Ryojiro were busy preparing for the play and didn’t have time to spend together.
One day, Ryojiro, who was told that he would have a consultation from the future, was heading home together.
Ryojiro and the future, who have been alone for the first time in a long time, have a nice atmosphere …

But yes, things don’t go well.
Amu returns from the United States, but takes a bold approach to Ryojiro.
Suzuhara comes to scout because he is worried about the relationship between the future and Ryojiro.
That night, Sakimori and Hayashi also jump in.

Each speculation mixes, and the
heroines end up staying at Ryojiro’s house. In this way, her pretty “naughty” five days began with a

slapstick of five women and one man .