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Maple Colors episode 2

The main character, Sojiro Togawa, is involved in a certain incident on the first day of transfer and is transferred to Group B in the second year with problem children.
Moreover, because of the main character, all the members of Group B in the 2nd year will be suspended for an indefinite period !?
If they win the Honghua Festival, the disposition will be withdrawn. If you lose, you will be suspended indefinitely.
In this way, Sojiro and his 2nd year group B fought together as one.

Soujiro was thinking, but the 2nd grade B group is all problem children with individuality.
It had nothing to do with the words cooperation, unity and friendship.
If you don’t convince your classmates to unite, there’s no chance for Group B to win in the second year !?
To withdraw the indefinite suspension … and to show the girl what’s good, Sojiro Togawa ran around the school. ..