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Miyazaki Maya Daizukan episode 2

It was in the world of Oedo 808 that the Takehiko that fell into the hole was thrown out.
The princess, Tsubaki, I met there. Although she has been bluntly married to her, he has
n’t given up on returning to the world he was in.
Takehiko knocks down a myriad of holes in the land of the rumor “Ana Yahyakuden” that Tsubakihime heard, but she is
angry at Tsubakihime’s sorrowful feelings. Give H Oshioki!
What is the feeling of Tsubakihime who made him angry? And what is the fate of him and her …?

Aiko Matsuo, 22 years old. She is a music teacher. She is B90 / W59 / H88.
She has a beautiful limb and a neat appearance, but she has a twisted personality.
“Why don’t you want to make this type of woman messed up?” Her
age = “history without her” magic teacher’s hand grows! !! Conspiracy! Insult! Brush down! !! (Congratulations)
However, in a letter that fell from her screaming …?
The reason for her tears makes him stunned …