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Oni Chichi 2: Revenge episode 2

At that time, the stupid hakama girl’s jujube slipped down her spats , rolled up her shirt, and stood in the bathroom with a weak and sad expression … It ‘s a hell … ”
While complaining about bumps, it’s the devil daddy who fills his face in the bare, slippery crotch.
“Uh, I’m sorry, I’ve lost my hips …” I complained, but I couldn’t feel the usual bullishness because I was peeing behind my daughter

… Without knowing it, he was fidgeting and waiting for the devil daddy to come back. Akira-chan is astonished by the words from the devil daddy who has returned there.
“Lie … I even took a picture …?”
Further words from my dad, as if to chase down the surprised Akira-chan.
“If you don’t follow the instructions in the email, you’ll scatter the photos … That’s the relationship with your father …”
It is the devil daddy who pushes up the tragic Akira in the large communal bath.

“I’ve been given all the naughty instructions … I can’t see it …” Akira-chan’s melancholy words. However, the rush from the dad was severe,
“What? Akira? Is it wet? Do you feel that you should be doing it unwillingly? Is it an exhibitionist?” Akira who denies it.
“Lie, I don’t feel it, I don’t like this, I can’t feel it.”
Desperate words convinced the devil dad.
“That’s right. My daughter isn’t a metamorphosis of a flasher.”
She was relieved, but her rush never stopped.
“Why are you saying it’s different, why …”
Akira-chan with teary eyes shook her big tits and kept denying her desperately …