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Oni Chichi 2: Revenge episode 1

Near the sea where I came to the Kendo club training camp in the summer. The jujube was pushed up from behind her by Kenichi while washing the towel. Kenichi, who took on the role of leading the role, had a cold, but regardless of his lust
, he calmed down the estrus of his daughters. Therefore, it attacks everywhere.
“What is an idiot, towards my parents? Isn’t there enough discipline?”
“Ah … sorry …”

Akira accompanied Kenichi as a leader and took care of him as a manager. But …
“No, please give me a mess … Who is it?”
Akira, who was working to prepare everyone’s meals at the cafeteria, was suddenly grabbed by a rugged breast and suddenly squeezed her wings.She desperately resists, but she is tossed by a stranger. She had a familiar voice, but she didn’t notice it in a panic situation, and she felt her despair in the feel of the cock being stabbed.

Fuyu was trying to pee in the shadow of a rocky place.
She crouched down and slammed her cell phone into one hand, and when she suddenly turned to her in the shadows, a bare meat stick stood there.
“No, eh … what, this … why”
The meat stick that was thrust into the mouth was buried deep in the throat, and there was no way to force the grabbed head to move.
The body is abandoned by fear, and when cloudiness is poured as it is done, it is rolled over this time, and the meat jar that is familiar to my devilish close relatives meat stick is ruthless It was buried in.