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Oni Chichi: Re-birth episode 1

Hafu … Airi was sleeping comfortably today, but … Suddenly, what do you mean when you rush in and come to wake up?
Besides, I said that it was a thick milk squeezed in the morning and squeezed it out so that it would hit her throat. Hmm.
Well, instead, I gave him a drink by mouth-to-mouth ♪

I decided to go to the movie together today, but thanks to that, it was late.
I’m meeting with Sana, so I have to go quickly, but I’m crazy, stupid, metamorphosis!
Huff. Show Sana the relationship between her Airi and her friends, because she’ll let you know your position.
Sana isn’t daddy from the side saying that, she greets daddy Ji Po. If I wasn’t careful …
Well, I had a lot of fun like that … But … But … I don’t believe it,

“Hey, what’s this, Kuu”
Airi Hands that expose her boobs and rub them. Rugged and thick hands.
Daddy … No, I’m sleeping next to him … I
don’t know why, why are you rubbing Airi’s boobs?
It’s a movie theater, and everyone can see it. What’s this, hey, daddy, help me …