Oni Chichi: Rebuild episode 1

My name is Marina. She is a good friend of her sister Airi. But these days I’m a little jerky … It’s not that something happened with Airi … really.
…… This is not possible with a normal family. However, we could have … It’s hard to meet my mother …
Finally, a group of four of her family with her mother who returned from a business trip. It’s supposed to be fun, but we’re complicated … Airi is happy to be her favorite mom, and at the same time, she’s guilty … But that’s right. And yet, even though it’s a dad …

It doesn’t matter what our feelings are, if Airi tries to take a bath, she will come in together and do something naughty. At school, I’m happy to have Airi swim in a swimsuit until I take a break from swimming classes. I’m not really in a position to say this because I’m too modest and what do you think of your mother? And … I heard from Airi’s friend Sana-chan, but my dad is having an affair, and the information is … the other person seems to be my classmate Yuka Mikami … There are so many things that I don’t understand why. that? In the next room, Airi and her dad are fluttering ..However, my dad is yelling at me with a louder voice than usual. I wonder … hitting the wall … Airi? Are you crying? …… Eh, lie !?

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