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Oni Chichi: Rebuild episode 2

What the heck is that guy? Hun, make a fool of Airi, Hun. It’s not a fool, Hun. Mostly my seniors are also hugging Airi’s rotten daddy, shit … Hun. The rotten daddy is also so sharp about his seniors … Hmmm, it’s fine!…… That’s why my sister was having such a hard time while Airi was screaming …
That’s why Mom came back, and what’s going on? However, as usual, Papa Pampo attacks Airi who was sleeping in the infirmary, and makes her costume for the school festival or cosplays as a nurse and rushes into it.

Really, the erotic father is bare, and I don’t like it. Just make Airi cry, ignore it, mess with that senior, let her stay home, let her waitress cosplay … I don’t know why. Noo .. Gusun
Somehow, Airi got tired … I was wondering if I would fall asleep … Airi … I wonder if it’s okay … If it’s like this … From the beginning