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Ore wa Kanojo wo Shinjiteru! episode 1

Ayumu Momose is a junior student. Just before she graduated, she was confessed to her and started dating, she is now her dear girlfriend.
One day, I got a resignation from the company.
Secondment order for one month.
Are you assigned to work alone? Seriously, please forgive me, I started living together with Ayumu, and now I’m at the height of love love …
Ayumu sent me off and I headed to my crying place of work.
“I’ll be back soon! It’s only one month.”
“It’s been a month!”
Ayumu tears anxiously.
I didn’t notice the slight difference in my heart.
To fill the loneliness of being separated from me … in a place I haven’t seen
… Ayumu …
I went home for the first time in a few weeks, and while I was waiting for Ayumu, I fell asleep in the bath.
Beside that, Yumu … was holding a strange man’s thing.
I haven’t noticed that yet.