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Punishment episode 1

Kayama is a physics teacher at a private Shizuka Kaede Gakuin. Although she secretly hides her desire to play, she usually suppressed her desires and continued her serious teaching life. Every time I get sick of the words and actions of a female student, I want to pour hot boiling spirit into the secret part of the body! Her desire for atrocities was getting stronger day by day. One day, she gets a call from college saying she has decided to return to her lab.

She rejoices Kayama, and several of her students invite her to say, “I’ll have a farewell party!” In the meantime, she is photographed with her lower body exposed and scattered throughout the academy. Something broke in Kayama who knew it! Female students who do such an outrageous thing need discipline. Oh, I’ll do it, I’ll do it. Get my crazy guidance!