Dirty by the Dozen episode 1


The opening ceremony for the second semester. I was heading to the school where my uncle was the chairman.
The school is an elite boys’ school where great sons from various fields attend. He was called by his uncle when he said, “I have a good story.”
At the current school, I was a little uncomfortable. Although it has been wiped out by the back work of the police officer’s father. My uncle seems to know that.

When his uncle became chairman, he took the trouble to replace all his teachers. At that time, the female teacher had a complete set. The reason is … at the order of the president, to use it as a tool for making connections. A female teacher as a bait to bring in male students and their parents.
And in exchange for moving to this school, I was called in to defeat and enslave the female teacher. Also, his cousin and bad friend Kei was called for the same purpose.
There are twelve female teachers … I and Kei will be assigned six each. I’m reluctant to follow my uncle, but it would be unwise to decline because of my hobbies and profits.

It’s a good idea, and let me entertain you in my own way.