Dirty by the Dozen episode 2


A few months ago, I did a bit of a crap.
Well, it’s not a big deal. I just tried to clean up the garbage in society. It was a bit of a fuss and I didn’t get caught-as expected, I had to be a little quiet. My uncle entrusted me to his brother and protected me from the criticisms of his noisy relatives.

However, it is a non-questionable order to come here and say, “Go to your uncle’s school.” I was heading to the chairman’s office where my uncle was, thinking it was boring. This school is an elite boys’ school where great sons from various fields attend.
When he became the chairman, his uncle took the trouble to replace all the teachers. At that time, the female teacher seems to have a complete set. The reason is … at the order of the president, to use it as a tool for making connections. A female teacher as a bait to bring in male students and their parents.
And in return for being hidden, I was called to defeat and enslave the female teacher. Even if you don’t hide it, I don’t care because it’s like rootless grass in the first place.
But it’s nice to be able to like women. The true of my cousin and bad friend is also called for the same purpose, and it seems to be interesting.
There are twelve female teachers, six each …

So what if I entertain you in my way?