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Rasen Sokou no Dystopia episode 2

Azusa’s foolery that was unfolding in front of Akira … The power possessed by the magical power … It was a proof that he was a bottom person who would not die even if he was hurt.
Miu, Azusa, and Yurina are the fruits.
Akira, who was tied to one of them, Miu, was still worried about her relationship with her, which would accelerate the destruction of her world.
Miu tries to cheer her up, but the situation is approaching where her body is taught the emptiness of resisting her approaching darkness.
“Here … dream?”

Miu, who noticed, was already deeply buried in the meat stick of Sakohira’s parent and child.

In an empty space, the voice I heard was that of Professor Himejo while being pushed up and down violently.
“Yeah, no one can blame you, so you can feel it to your heart’s content.”

Miu was trying not to realize that the enduring and shivering flesh was not from disgust, The words that invited me covered me with the joy of rushing in from inside as if the sword had come off. Akira who can show off the appearance of such Miu.

There was no way to save her being humiliated even in her dreams …
“If your memory is back …”

While Mr. Himejo’s plump limbs leaned on the top of the noshi, I heard a sad mutter leaking …