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Rinkan Biyaku Chuudoku episode 2

Sayaka gets fucked by boys and teachers in the classroom after school as usual.
She plans to move on to the next stage, eventually turning her into a severe drug addiction, and she obeyed whatever she wants to get it.
Sayaka is naked and full of nasty graffiti all over her body, piercing her crotch with a vibe and walking in her corridor.
She and she screams what she has done since the students gathered, and she confesses.
“I swear to live as a semen urinal as your sex processing toy!”
Blow job, vaginal cum shot, anal, no NG … No clothes are allowed in the school, and you can stay naked anytime and anywhere. It is constantly being violated by someone …
below humans … below livestock … and that figure was also the ideal figure of Yukio Saito.