Sexfriend no Senpai The Animation episode 1


Yuuma, a virgin dude about to dive into the university life. This shy and inexperienced bro never got down with the segs. But deep down, he had one major goal: to lose his V-card and make his mark on campus. In a one wild-ass welcome party, and Yuuma’s eyes were locked on short-haired Nana. She was like the idol of everyone in their uni, a total heartthrob. Little did our man know that their meeting would take him on a rollercoaster of love. After the party, Yuuma and Nana-senpai found themselves alone at his crib. She got real close, her voice filled with desire, and dropped a proposition he couldn’t resist: friends with benefits, or should I say, segs buddies.The hottest chick in uni straight-up asking for that? It blew his mind.