Sexfriend no Senpai The Animation episode 2


Yuuma finally popped his cherry with Nana-senpai, who was all about that casual fling. Now, my dude had a hunch that Nana-senpai had a man on the side, but his thirst for pleasure was too real to resist. And now, they were taking things to a whole new level – a trip to a love hotel! As they stepped into that dimly lit room, Yuuma’s heart was beating like crazy with a mix of excitement and uncertainty. Every touch, every damn caress sent pleasure through his body, erasing any doubts that lingered. But damn, in the midst of all that intensity, Yuuma couldn’t help but wonder what the hell their relationship truly was. Was he just another temporary thrill for Nana-senpai, or was there a chance she saw something more in him? Shit, conflicting emotions were swirling inside him, making their connection both thrilling and bittersweet.