Shunka Shuutou episode 2


Miharu, a girl who went from being on top to being a total hot mess. She knew she had to keep her secrets under wraps, just like Shiki told her to. But damn, things went from bad to worse when she tried to make a move in the nurse’s office. It backfired her like wtf. Every damn day, Miharu found herself being relentlessly pursued. She had to keep that messed-up face of hers, the one she couldn’t show to the world, in check. She was desperate to tighten her shit up and follow the next set of instructions. Miharu was on the edge, man. She was pushed to the limits, trying to hold back and keep her cool during these lewd encounters. She swore she wouldn’t go any further, made her big declaration of breaking free. But of course, that was just the beginning.