Shunka Shuutou episode 1


Miharu Aragaki, the total package, ya know? She’s got the looks, the popularity, and all that jazz. She’s smart, friendly, the kind of girl you’d wanna take home to meet your folks. But behind that perfect facade, Miharu’s dealing with some seriously messed up stuff, man. Every freakin’ day, she’s bombarded with confessions of love from all these admirers, but she shuts ’em down like nobody’s business. What people don’t realize is that she’s secretly dealing with perverted messages, creepy stalkers, and people snappin’ pics of her on the sly. It’s enough to drive anyone up the wall, ya feel me? While Miharu keeps up that smile in front of everyone else, deep down, she’s fed up with her situation. She’s swearin’ and sighin’ in private, just wishin’ for a way out. Desperate for some help, she spills her guts to the school counselor, spillin’ all the dirty deets. And wouldn’t ya know it, the counselor accidentally stumbles upon her true nature. With no other options on the table, Miharu’s forced to rely on the counselor. He offers her a solution, promisin’ to take care of her problems. But little does she know, this arrangement is gonna lead her down an even darker, more dangerous path. Her whole situation’s about to take a turn for the worse, man.