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Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro episode 2

A corner of the pool at the height of summer vacation. Women’s tennis club members who play in the shower for the good thing that they are not visible.
The hot breath of men and women that can be heard mixed with the lively voice.
Two beautiful girls who are difficult to attach to her are unilaterally told her lover’s declaration, and today she is indulging in an affair with one of them, Natsuki Sorayama.
Her first night seemed to be pushed, but once the relationship was established, I was just unilaterally leading.
The secrets in places that seemed to be noticeable were like “Oshioki” when it came to picking vegetables.
A trivial conflict with Asaho Mizushima, a rival of love.
“Secret summer” to share one man.
A promise that we will never run through even though we like each other.
However, it is a delicate relationship that makes us want to monopolize each other.
The sweet, rich, and lascivious love battle between women, who would never be able to think about it in a casual way, would seek each other on mutual agreement, and the battle was about to end.
At the end of summer … to the time of farewell, the roar continues today … and …