Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro episode 1


A room in a school at the height of summer vacation. The hot breath of men and women that can be heard hidden in the gorgeous voices of the female students who take off their tennis wear and wipe the sweat that wets the slightly refreshed skin. The breasts spilled from the pure white school uniform that symbolizes the girl’s cleanliness undulates. Long black hair swaying on the back with clear sunburn marks. Sweats a mature, lustrous buttocks and makes them squirm. A cool beautiful girl transfer student who gathers the hot eyes of boys in school, Asaho Mizushima was blamed for being pierced while biting her lips and enduring her screaming voice that was about to spill.

“No … I can hear you.”

However, the boy who blames the morning keeps hitting his hips. Distorting a neat face that seems to be a girl at first glance, the first 弌 devours the finest limbs in the morning. I was looking back in the morning. When she met, she was just a crappy man. Flirtatious and familiar … but she now feels the man’s body deepest in herself. That summer, in the morning, she shared a mysterious time with the same transfer student, Naomi Sorayama, over a man named Her First. A promise that we will never run through even though we like each other. If you think about it in a casual way, it’s absolutely impossible-a shared moment of indecent and rich lust, seeking one man on mutual agreement.

That’s right … a secret summer that no one can tell.