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Soredemo Tsuma o Aishiteru episode 3

Shuichi Honda, an ordinary office worker, had happy days with his beloved wife, Nanami.
However, in her life with Nanami, Shuichi had one complaint that she didn’t say to Nanami because of her boring self-esteem.
It’s the handsome Shinagawa Claude who lives in the next room.
She intended Nanami to be in the neighborhood normally, but Shuichi didn’t like the communication between Nanami and Shinagawa.

One day Shuichi is invited by a colleague of the company to customs.
Shuichi, who was messing around with his selfish jealousy for Nanami, enters the store as he is invited.
Shuichi has a glimpse of the horny part of a woman who is different from Nanami in the bright, free-spirited and gentle personality and plump body of Akiko Kosaka, a genre girl.
That night, Shuichi is sought after, but her Akiko’s face flickers on her head, and Shuichi’s is wilted and useless.
Then, an image of Shuichi coming out of the sex shop with his arms crossed with Akiko is sent to Nanami’s mobile phone ….

A few days later, at night. In the passenger seat of Shinagawa’s car, Nanami, who was drunk and had her face red, was sitting …
Her cherished happy days spill out of her hands ruthlessly.
The trigger was small … I was really small jealousy and creativity …