Tales of Little Monica episode 2


Will goes out to the city with the three sisters to find out what’s going on. Then they met the nun there. The three sisters call out to a nun who looks like her mother, but she says, “I have no children …”. With that said, even Celia, who knows her vestiges, can’t say she’s her mother, and the two below who don’t remember her face can’t do anything about it. Myau, who was anxious about the nun and returned to the city, was watching the sisters, and later Myau talked about Kajo, who had heard from the cats.
Little monica, which became the name of the city, was a descendant of the clan who managed the theater for generations when the city was really rich. Her presence was a symbol of the well-being of the citizens. Kajo, who tried to take over her city, slashed Little Monica from behind her in an attempt to make her dead, but her body, which should have died, disappeared suddenly. Her clan probably hides that way because she has the special ability to become her spiritual body and enter the body of others.