Words Worth Gaiden episode 1


A battlefield on a cliff where a waterfall runs down. A clan of light that attacks, a clan of shadows that greets it. Norman, the swordfighter of light, and Epo are fighting side by side. Epo is blown away by a waterfall basin due to the explosion of a shadow clan’s shell. Away from his beloved Norman … he was swept away by the river and washed ashore by the swamp, but soon after he was relieved he was attacked by a frog monster. Meanwhile, the swordfighter of light, Persia, was also fighting with the brave female swordfighter, Sabrina, against the shadow clan. However, both of them are captured by Stallion and imprisoned, and although they are tortured nasty, they manage to escape.
Persia encounters Astral, a shadow swordfighter who was peeking through the air vents from beginning to end. Although they know that they are enemies, they are attracted to each other …
The character of the previous work in the series has also appeared, and another adventure story that unfolds in parallel with the previous work! !!