Words Worth Gaiden episode 2


Epo screams at the tongue attack of Stallion who opens the nostrils fully and sticks to the crotch. However, because of her soothing feeling, she said, “Norman, … I’m sorry …” and abandoned the chastity that she had been protecting until then and left herself to pleasure. On the other hand, Persia is scolded by Sabrina for “using the eyes of a man in the shadow clan …!”, And she is “punished” to become a full-fledged warrior. Suddenly, the battle started again near the gate on the top floor in the west of the underground castle with the explosion sound of Dawn. Sabrina and Persia head to the top floor to join the main force of the Light Clan led by Fabrice. Along the way, I happened to come across Astral, who should have fallen off the cliff. It was Astral who was cornered by Sabrina who was slashing again, but this time Sabrina slipped her leg and fell and fainted. However, for a moment of relief, that Persia, who kindly cared for me, rushed forward with his spear in his arms. Astral and Persia with a fierce sword and spear. At that time, a huge pillar collapsed toward them due to a cannonball …