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Yariman Fudousan episode 2

Mr. and Mrs. Morita came to the store to find a room because they were getting married. The main character, Mitsukawa, who is enthusiastic about introducing various properties.
A few months later, she is consulted by Morita, “I’m about to divorce her wife …”.
At that time, the female president and Mitsukawa find out the affair from the gesture that Morita’s wife chases the man of Takkyubin and leaves the room.
The tingling of the female president who was lustful in Morita’s room where they were alone can’t stop anymore …
One day, the female president sees Mitsukawa steadily devoting herself to work and proposes a “president change”.

Mitsukawa who dealt with the president’s customer. She realizes she still needs a female president.
The two who confirm each other violently devour their bodies in the office that is open, and the female president culminates in the high-speed piston of Mitsukawa.