All Affirmative Mama Goddess Who Flew Down To Me! 〜Amazing, you did a lot of hard work♪♪〜 PLAY MOVIE


Japanese Title: ダメダメなボクに舞い降りた全肯定ママ女神!~すごいね、いっぱい頑張ったんだね♪♪~ PLAY MOVIE

Alternative: ANP-173, Damedame na Boku ni Maiorita Zen Koutei Mama Megami! ~Sugoi ne, Ippai Ganbatta nda ne♪♪~ PLAY MOVIE

The exam results came out today. Looking around, I see joy, sorrow, and all kinds of emotions on display from the other students, but I can only stand stock-still, shocked… “I flunked the exam again…” This is my second time. I see my hopes and dreams slipping through my fingers. I don’t want to live another year like this… I wander back to my apartment in a daze, only to find a strange woman there. “Oh, you’re finally home. I’ve been waiting for you all this time…!” She smiles at me, her hands clasped together as if in prayer. Her expression can only be described as divine… “…A-Are you a… goddess…?” The words just slip out from me. “I’m the Goddess of Healing. I have come to this world to lift you from despair.”