A pair of twins will be desecrated in So Low


The Japanese distributor Getchu has listed the cover and preview frames for the new original hentai titled “So Low: Futago Shimai to Kateikyoushi“, scheduled for release on July 28, 2023 in Japan. The production is being handled by Nur studios, and is part of the “Otome no Hotobashiri (乙女の迸り)” series, which includes several previous productions.

There’s not much more to say about an original hentai, so the synopsis reads:

  • “The shameless and diabolical twin sisters will be indecently corrupted by their tutor! Under the guise of two serious girls, the diabolical older sister, Kasumi, and the stupid and clumsy younger sister, Mitsuki, will begin to be obscenely disciplined in sessions by their tutor, a middle-aged man.
  • The twins play all sorts of pranks to get rid of him, and he uses all the tricks he knows to make them cum non-stop! Kasumi is forced to give him head and experience the terror that an adult man can impose on her. To protect her silly younger sister, she decides to be the sole victim of these pleasures! The confident diabolical girl, who has been playing with men for her pleasure, will now be desperately humiliated!”