Bestiality arrives in Alps to Kiken na Mori

Japanese publisher Getchu listed that the adult video game developed by X-Rabbit, “Alps to Kiken na Mori (Alps and the Dangerous Forest)”, will be adapted to animation in a first episode scheduled for December 22, 2023 in Japan.

Since the source material is a video game, there is little access to the content except for the original artwork that is available in the catalog (2359656). While the production is in charge of Majin Petit, this first episode entitled “Alps To Kiken na Mori: Episode 1 – Wait For Me, Sister” has the following synopsis:

  • In a certain deep forest, there is a girl walking alone. It’s called Alps. And this is a dangerous forest, where many terrible creatures lurk. But Alps is afraid and keeps walking. He comes out of the forest with some medicinal herbs in his hands to save his sick sister. Alps says, “Wait for me. Sister.”
  • But the forest is not as sweet as his determination. She is forcibly fathered by a large monster in heat and attacked by a wild boar that pounces on her with its huge body. In addition, he also meets some strange men… The lonely and delicate woman is nothing but fodder for beasts. What will be the fate of Alps?
  • Alps wanders through a dangerous forest to save his sister. Their soft white skin emerges in the dimly lit forest. On it rests the huge body of a wild boar, a great monster in heat. A bright pink color emerges over her heated body.