Boku wa Chiisana Succubus no Shimobe shows trailer for its first episode


Japanese distributor Getchu listed the preview of the first episode of the hentai adaptation of the doujinshi written and illustrated by Tamano Kedama , Boku wa Chiisana Succubus no Shimobe ( I’m a Slave of a Small Succubus ). The launch is scheduled for next August 5 in Japan and is a production of Mary Jane .

The original doujinshi is available in the nhentai catalog (352188) and the synopsis writes:

  • Our protagonist confesses his feelings for the first time in his life to a girl he met at his part-time job, but was rejected. She threw it all away, had a drink and was left alone in the moonlit room. The laughter of a girl in such a lonely room. She looks like a demon and says that she sees him “every night”. “Impossible, impossible. The time I have had contact with another girl is much less than the time I have spent eating noodles”, our protagonist thinks. Strangely dressed, she claimed to be a succubus and she held me back. She began to “eat” for a “taste of lost love.