Goblin brutality continues with a third episode of Goblin no Suana

Goblin no Suana (Goblin’s Den) and its release is scheduled for August 25, 2023, in Japan. This third episode will be titled “Goblin no Suana – Episode 3: Novice Adventurer Irari,” and it is still unclear if there will be more episodes after this.

The original video game includes a collection of hentai illustrations that depict beautiful female adventurers being brutally abused by tribes of goblins, similar to what is shown in the early episodes of Goblin Slayer. The production is handled by Majin Petit studios, and the synopsis of this third episode is as follows:

  • Goblins are vulgar monsters that can be found almost anywhere in the world, or at least that’s how they are seen by humans. One day, like any other day, the young adventurer Irari sets off on a mission to exterminate a group of goblins and make a name for herself. But she didn’t know that it would be the beginning of her tragedy. “I’ll be able to kill more of these beasts if I venture into their nest!” Irari was ignorant and too foolish. She realized too late that goblins could be much worse than they seem.
  • And the price of finally knowing this would have to be paid with her own body. Young and healthy women are valued as good toys for male goblins. Her pride as an adventurer is slowly shattered, along with her innocence. She will never see the light of day again. Her armor, her clothes, everything covering her skin is stripped away. Her abdominal muscles, the result of training her back, now move, revealing the creatures she is giving life to.