Harem Cult Side Harem 3rd Episode Delayed To 2023

On the official site for Queen Bee studios it was listed that the third episode of the anime adaptation of the doujinshi hentai written and illustrated by Uba Yoshiyuki , Harem Cult Side Harem , has been delayed. The release was scheduled for December 16, 2022 in Japan, but is now listed for January 27, 2023 .

While the original work is available in the nhentai catalog (376793) , this third episode will once again have two separate stories that correspond to the fifth and sixth chapters of the doujinshi. Considering that the complete work has eight chapters, is there still another episode in the future? The synopsis writes:

  • Harem Cult 5: If Words Kill People – Part 2 ]  Akari Hizen, a member of the Literature Club, saw her beloved man being robbed a month ago, but her “revenge” should have finally been consummated. However, she was attacked by her physical education teacher, Kumada, due to a plot by the Student Council. Having accepted her fate, Akari closed her heart as the meat stick rammed into her mercilessly.
  • Harem Cult 6: Seal ]  Teacher Mashiro Ringo has been forced to resign from the school. Furthermore, Tatsumi has been arrested by the fearsome Student Council. Student council president Awano and student council member Hikita continuously tortured him until his abominations were exposed to the student body.