More abusive nurses to return in Sakusei Byoutou

Japanese production company Pink Pineapple announced that the animated adaptation of the visual novels Sakusei Byoutou (Nope Nope Nurses) will have a sixth and seventh episode that will be released simultaneously on December 22, 2023 in Japan.

This is the popular story of the guy who, after an accident, is unable to use his hands and is cared for by the nurses, but who has to constantly discharge the semen from his balls in order not to suffer chronic pain. In fact, the titles of the episodes give away which nurse will be the protagonist of the story, and although no visuals were revealed, we can take them directly from the official site of the source video game.

Sakusei Byoutou The Animation – Episode 6: Numajiri-hen

  • Synopsis: The sixth nurse with the worst personality is the persistent nurse Numajiri, who constantly repeats her sarcasm and sarcasm. Will Yamada be able to endure those days of unbearable and annoying hell? Surrounded by nurses with the worst personalities, Yamada’s life in the hospital is filled with various methods of sperm extraction. He is tormented by a certain “nightmare”.
  • The persistent nurse Numajiri constantly spits sarcasm into Yamada’s ear. She appears naked and continues to haunt Yamada’s body and mind. When he finally wakes up from the nightmare, she whispers in his ear, “Have you had a spooky dream?” When he finally wakes up from his nightmare, he whispers in her ear, “Did I have a spooky dream?” Yes, it was Numajiri again.
  • Sarcasm, which amounts to a denial of his personality, is repeated insistently, whether he is asleep or awake. Yamada’s spirits were already on edge, as they were squeezing his cock and pumping his sperm hopelessly in the midst of all this. Yamada wanders around the pavilion trying to escape this situation, but is discovered by Numajiri and taken to a certain location. It was the emergency staircase where he was forced to have unwanted sex with Mochizuki, after being coerced by Numajiri prior to it.

Sakusei Byoutou The Animation – Episode 7: Kiritani-hen

  • Synopsis: The seventh nurse with the worst personality is Kiritani, a dark-hearted nurse. Yamada is delighted to see Kiritani, a beautiful nurse who delicately takes care of the milking process, but when he hears her name, Kurokawa suddenly bursts into tears and talks about Kiritani’s “true nature.” For Yamada, who has been living a nightmare of hospitalization, these were supposed to be his first days off.
  • Kiritani, the nurse currently in charge, treats Yamada with care and tenderness. Yamada is delighted to discover that Kiritani not only takes care of his sperm extraction, but also enjoys the taste of it. However, when Kurokawa hears his name, he suddenly bursts into tears and starts talking about Kiritani’s true nature. She’s a sex-addicted ex-offender who bullies and will do anything to hunt down anyone she doesn’t like.
  • But even these warnings fall on deaf ears for Yamada. He was caught up in the illusion of the “ideal days” that had finally arrived. Yamada soon comes to regret it. Kiritani’s demonic nature had changed. Yamada inadvertently mentions Kurokawa’s name. Kiritani is enraged, and even makes him a ‘sanctioned target’… and then…!