T-REX to make two more episodes of Hatsukoi Time

The Japanese production company Lune Pictures announced the production of two new episodes (fifth and sixth) for the animated adaptation of the hentai doujinshi written and illustrated by Simon , “ Hatsukoi Time ”, which is scheduled for simultaneous release on March 1, 2024 in Japan. . This is still a Bunnywalker project , while T-REX will handle the animation.

The original doujinshi is available in the  nhentai catalog (346589) , although it has not been translated into any language, not even English. On the other hand, the synopsis of each of these announced episodes (which is not confirmed if they will be the last, considering the wide extension of the original doujinshi), writes as follows:

  • Episode 5: Although he debuted in high school without being an otaku, his stalker Ayane, who knows his past as a chubby otaku in high school, has approached him! She challenges him to play a fighting game in front of his entire class, asks him what his favorite anime of the season is, and more. Our protagonist believes that this girl is threatening to reveal his past, so he will have to follow her instructions. As the misunderstandings continue, Ayane increases the aggressiveness of her attacks. From kissing to a titjob, and finally sex with a confession included! A story of romance and misunderstandings begins.