The abuse continues in a fourth episode of Goblin no Suana

The Japanese distributor Getchu listed the production of a fourth episode for the animated adaptation of the adult video game developed by PEPERONCINO (ぺぺろんちーの), titled “Goblin no Suana (Goblin’s Den)” and whose release is scheduled for November 24, 2023 in Japan. This fourth episode will be titled “Goblin no Suana – Episode 4: Female Samurai Sayuki” and it is still unclear if there will be more episodes after this one.

The original game includes a collection of hentai artwork showing beautiful adventurous girls being brutally abused by tribes of goblins, something very similar to what is shown in the early episodes of Goblin Slayer. Finally, the production is in charge of the Majin Petit studios and the synopsis of this fourth episode writes:

  • Sayuki is a samurai who has crossed the sea from a distant foreign land. She is a woman with thin eyebrows and an outstanding female body that attracts men, but her true nature is that of a beast. She is a master, sharp as a katana, who travels in warrior training to reach the top of the world ladder. “Making me angry will cost you your life,” he says.
  • But for the goblins, they don’t care about the character of their opponents. If it were a good female, they would attack in a herd and make sure to finish her off. Sayuki, who had underestimated the goblins as weak, was captured without a second thought, and in the dark lair, her samurai pride was damaged.
  • That’s where she’ll finally remember that she’s a woman. There does not matter his status as a samurai. His absolute pride as a samurai is crushed by the dicks hanging from his goblin captors. The proof of her femininity will be proven when, after several rapes, she realizes that her body can gestate life.