The revenge of Tsugunai returns with a fourth episode

The Japanese distributor Getchu listed the production of a new hentai titled “Tsugunai: Keppei Kimajime Aoi Zetsubou no Shimai Ai”, scheduled to be released on June 30th in Japan. This project is an adaptation of the Blue Gale visual novel Tsugunai, which has already inspired three previous episodes.

The title and main promotional image confirm that the focus now shifts to the character Enjouji Aoi, who also participated in the original visual novel released more than twenty years ago in 1999. Once again, production is being handled by the PoRO Petit studios, while the synopsis of this new episode writes:

Aoi, who was hiding in the village, was now completely alone. One by one, her companions and friends were being captured by that evil man, and their muffled screams continued to appear in the distance. And then she stumbled upon Kanami Oikawa, who was trying to escape, and felt relieved, at least for a moment.

Already corrupted by the tyrannical professor seeking revenge against them because they are the daughters of the people who tortured his sister, Kanami had instructions to find Aoi and trick her into falling into the man’s clutches. Aoi understood the situation immediately, and managed to escape from there immediately with the idea of saving all her companions. But things couldn’t go as well as she hoped…