Houkago Initiation episode 1


“Correct way of keeping a childhood friend”
The childhood friend “Onomi” and the twin brothers “Kei” and “Yu” had a distorted relationship.
Onomi liked the long and cute Kei’s cock as well as the thick and strong Yu’s cock.
Kei and Yu decide to compete to see which one is more suitable for Onomi.
What is the conclusion of Onomi who continued to be treated like her pet? ・The student council president “Riko Oshikiri”, who is a beautiful

“Virgin man and tiger-eared woman”
called out to the virgin man “Kaname” in the same class. When I went to the designated place and opened the door, there was a figure of Riko who was entwined with other students. After her sexual processing is over, Riko is tempted to ask, “Why don’t you have sex with me?” In short, I refuse by mouth, but I can’t stop the runaway of her lower body anymore. But instead of having sex, Riko made her promise that she was in essence. Original: Includes “Correct Keeping Childhood Familiar” and “Virgin Man and Tiger Ear Woman” from “After School Initiation”