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Koikishi Purely Kiss: The Animation episode 1

Kaname Fuji swore when he was young when a knight saved his life.
――One day, “Become a knight who can protect more people than anyone else.”

Time has passed, and it has been decided to enroll in the Knight Training School, Shiramiya Gakuen, and the Shiramiya Order of Knights, Esquire.
What I was waiting for was an encounter with friends who were both active as knights.
Then, it was a reunion with Elsia-Havens, a beautiful blonde girl who vowed to become a knight when she was young.
The two were connected by friendship like a comrade, but gradually they became aware of each other as the opposite sex and the relationship became jerky.

An incident occurred during the patrol there.
The key to saving Elsia, who is in danger of desperation.
Elsia, who should be closer to each other but can’t be honest–