Kyonyuu Hitozuma Onna Kyoushi Saimin episode 2


Wataru helps Yui Kagurazaka, an educational trainee who looks in trouble while looking at the map when she goes to school.
Wataru sends Yui, but she is the principal of the school and receives severe reprimand from her aunt Naoko Daimon.
In the hands of Wataru who was offended, there was a smartphone that launched the app “Sai ○ App” that listens to anything if you instruct the target.
Wataru gets naked in front of her niece and orders Naoko to give a blowjob.
She is a boxed girl, and Yui is curious about the foolery of the two, although she is confused by the reactionary raising.
Wataru robs her aunt’s body and even Yui’s virgin, who also has her fiancée …