Kyonyuu Try!: Tanki Shuuchuu Chichi Momi Lesson episode 1


One day, while my sister-in-law, Mio Shindo, was away, her student, Ayano Kobayakawa, was before the test, so she asked me to teach her study.
She refuses to say that her sister-in-law is her absence, but Keisuke offers a temporary tutor if I’m okay.
Then suddenly massage my boobs too! And Ayano who exposes her breasts.
Apparently Mio is telling her students at her school that she “has a good style because her younger brother massages her every day.”
The hero who is swept away by the momentum of Ayano who holds a complex in her chest and even gets her virginity!
Ayano’s best friend and rival, Rin Sumisato, and her sister-in-law also have a big uproar because their relationship with Ayano is broken!
Will the thoughts of cute students for bust-up be fulfilled?