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Mahou Shoujo wa Kiss Shite Kawaru episode 1

Kento Kiriya has just become a lover with his childhood friend Iori Mizukami.
We knew each other’s feelings for a long time, and we were supposed to be sunny and formal lovers and have happy days with a heart.
Kento is dying and seriously injured by a mysterious monster that suddenly appears in his happy days with her.

A man appeared in front of Iori, who clung to Kento and cried, and said:
“If you fight the monster in front of her as a magical girl, you can save his life.”
In a vague consciousness, what Kento saw was Iori kissing a stranger. It was a figure.
Iori who became a magical girl to help Kento. However, the source of the magical power of her magical girl is the spirit of a man, and Iori must be embraced by another man for Kento.
She is embraced by another man for her favorite Kento, and the pretty magical girl devotes herself to the battle!