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Marshmallow, Imouto, Succubus episode 1

Keisuke Tsukikawa, who has a father who travels around the world as an archaeologist, has a dream of being attacked by his sister-in-law, Saki, who dressed as a devil, on the night when he lost the necklace he received from his father when he was a child. look.

Kasuke, who feels guilty about having delusions of Saki who has been carefully raised in his dreams, is
known to his classmate Manabe Riri, who also belongs to the school’s ethnic study group. It is revealed that the true identity is a devil, a succubus.

Keisuke loses the amulet necklace, and Ruri also blocks her body movements and semen is squeezed out.
Saki, whose magical power has been sealed by her necklace for a long time, becomes a different personality Saki and attacks Kasuke in the bathroom again,
telling her feelings for Kasuke who grew up together in Saki, and her magical power. The more I run out, the more I get absorbed in the act.

In front of Kasuke, who is confused by the transformation of his beloved sister, further troubles occur …