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Nee,… Shiyo episode 1

“Two Days”
My parents went out and now there are only two.
Mayu, who has a bad mouth, curses Takuya, but her crotch gets wet, and
Takuya also goes crazy with her desires.
The two, who are familiar with each other’s erogenous zones, compete with each other and
seek each other all night without resting to the point where their consciousness seems to fly.
Eventually, used condoms were scattered all over the room around the bed.

“Futari no Hibi”
Takuya, who was taken a cold attitude from Mayu at the school, thinks she has a
From her jealousy, she clasps Mayu’s hand regardless of the eyes around her and forcibly takes her to an unpopular place.
She forcibly inserts her pants without saying whether or not she slips.
And she calls and relentlessly teases her every day.