Nee,… Shiyo episode 2


“Selfish boyfriend and unfussy girlfriend”
At the beginning of spring, “Kyoya Hinegure” confessed to “Keiko Hinayama” and went out with her.
I kissed and had sex.
However, Kyoya feels jealous that Keiko was not her virgin, even though it was her first time,
and demands unreasonable things such as blowjob in the men’s toilet and having sex in the gym warehouse during class.
Keiko who accepts such selfishness and responds as it is said.
Kyoya thinks that Keiko is crazy about herself, but in
fact, she realizes that Kyoya herself is crazy.

“Binkan Repair”
The relationship between the teacher (Kazu) and the student (Chie), but in reality they are two lovers.
One day, I was supposed to do the repair by
myself, but Kazu, who was horny, gave Chie a little bit.
When Chie’s chest, which she hates, was peeled off,
she had a bandage on her nipple.
Kazu is lustful for that indescribable eroticism
, blames Chie’s nipples, and messes with her tanned body as much as she wants.
Without losing, Chie also counterattacked and blamed Kazu, and the two forgot about the place of school
and both of them got acme without being disappointed.