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Netorare Fighter Yaricchingu! episode 1

Love being violated by Yamazaki while being seen by a large number of spectators in a special ring on a luxury liner.
And Harry, Rendy, and Ryo can only see the love being XX from the box seat on the other side of the glass.
Why did this happen?

At the request of Sally, the love that had infiltrated Gir’s passenger ship with Sally disappeared.
Harry and his friends sneaked into the ship after being contacted by Sally.
However, what was waiting for them to be caught in a trap was the appearance of love receiving a nasty training.
Love that is used by aphrodisiacs and is teased by Dick, Onizaki, and Gir.
The love that goes crazy while spouting her breast milk under the influence of her aphrodisiac finally begs for her insertion in front of her lover Lendy watching.
Her completely estrus love inserts her penis across Harry.
Meanwhile, Sally was attacking Lendy. Sally was already captivated by aphrodisiacs.
And Harry’s reason begins to go crazy due to the aphrodisiac effect of gas, and he begins to devour the female meat in front of him.