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Nuki Doki! Tenshi to Akuma no Sakusei Battle – Revolution episode 2

A lascivious useless man “Yamato” targeted by the devil “Firika” who squeezes semen.
He is manipulated by “Philica” and is about to be mingled with his childhood friend “Noanoa”, but he manages to avoid it.
Firika tries to get rid of his numbness and give her a hand.
Just as Yamato was about to become a prey to Firika, a sudden intruder, the angel “Sera,” appeared on a tricycle.
“Sera”, which is pure and innocent, is put on Yamato’s mouthpiece and is to fuck.
In the meantime, “Firika” disappears with “Noa”.
Shaking ass! Dancing boobs !! Splashing semen! !! It’s okay if the concubinage of
“Doppyun Paradise”, who is the best of humans, demons, and angels, can exploit the semen of the Lord.