Nuki Doki! Tenshi to Akuma no Sakusei Battle – Revolution episode 1


Firika, the devil who attacks a man at night and squeezes semen. The condition of the prey that Firika attacks was a man with little human appeal.

Yamato, who attends the school, was the target of Firika before he knew it. This is because Yamato was a useless man who looked at the woman’s breasts every time and indulged in delusions.

When Yamato and his childhood friend, Nono, are alone at the shrine, Firika manipulates their bodies with the devil’s technique.

That, the valley of the abundant breasts peeking from the open shrine maiden clothes. Her hakama falls off, revealing a secret part that no one has touched.

I take a provocative pose regardless of my will. Fortunately, Yamato’s gaze was nailed to his favorite party.

How is the fate of the two deprived of their freedom by the devil !?